Price Difference Explanation

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The Importance of Fundraisers

Fundraising is a vital key to ensure that each and every member of the youth can attend events like Creation or National Youth Conference, which have hefty price tags. Every member has just as much right to attend an event as another, so fundraising makes certain that money and finances aren't an issue.

New Fundraising Policy

To help ensure that everyone is assisting in the fundraisers, a new policy is being set up. If you don't help with the fundraisers, you don't receive the benefits. That's why you see two prices. If you don't help with the fundraisers, you will pay the second price. This isn't meant as a punishment or as a downer. It is simply encouragement to participate in a fundraiser.

And in this corner...

A little boy was given a five dollar bill to put in the collection plate. When the offering came around, he wouldn't put it in. But after the end of the service, when he went to shake the pastor's hand, he pulled out the five dollar bill and gave it to the pastor. The pastor asked him, "Why are you giving me this money? Why didn't you put it in the offering plate?" And the boy answered, "Because my mommy told me you're the poorest pastor we've ever had!"